Yatzy! – Loop Games

A mobile best seller game based on the famous Dice Game: i totally refreshed the old design, from UI to 3D dice skins, or animations. Worked with old friend although :)) All good!

Some shop assets:

Hotels – Arteam

Very nice tile project! Hotels is a serious game which teach you how to manage an Hotel ( surprise?), and to deal with annoying/dirty/noisy customers: tiles are created with several states to re-create real-time changes.

Example of mountain theme tileset:

First concept:

In-game preview:


Archaeology – Kolibree

Serious Game using a very innovative technology to teach children to brush their teeth properly. As an archaeolog, you must reveal ancient artefacts !

SDS Games – SDP Games

SDS is a cash based mobile gaming platform! Typically Casino Games like Solitaire, Bingo or 21Blackjack. I worked as an Art Director, produced every single asset for this project, both on SDS platform itself and games: quite motivating! Thanks to Laurent Ben Adiba, i had the opportunity to work with teammates from different countries around the world.

Screenshots of 21 Skills:

Screenshots of Solitaire Skills:

Screenshots of Bubble Skills:

Bouquet of Words – Iscool Entertainment

I had the very nice opportunity to work on Garden of Words and Bouquet of Words, two very famous mobile Wordgames ! My « mission » was to update/refresh the Art Direction for both projects : it wasn’t an easy task since the games have a solid base of players ( millions eventually), and we didn’t want them to go away :)). I worked on every design layers of the games; characters, backgrounds, animations, marketing assets and for sure UI ! We made with my gameartist mate Romane and the rest of the crew, a great team in Iscool.

Garden of Words Appstore link
Garden of Words Playstore link
Bouquet of Words Appstore link
Bouquet of Words Playstore link

Some UI Assets :

Bouquet marketing assets examples:

Examples of Bouquet’s backgrounds ( Iscool uses Adobestock and some illustrations/parts could be mixed in the final result ) :

Collection assets :

Bouquet of Words Gardener :

FriedEggs – Personal project

Small project with my dev friend Julien: Simple gameplay, just get all the eggs thanks to your stove ! Different types of chicken ( and their eggs) , rasta, alien, rambo… all made in Unity 3D. Still in progress.

AlgoBot – Fishing Cactus

Is a very smart game that teach how to understand and organize your code as a developer. The App is used in several schools. I worked especially on the UI !

AlgoBot GooglePlaystore link

Marketing assets – Apptamin

Visuals for several mobile games: i had to improve existing 3D or 2D assets or create some if needed ( Thug,Ganster and Veilbreak for example), and adapt to the design/style for each project. Quite exciting experience !

Don’t Loot My Treasures ! – Personal project

Quite big project with Julien Philippe for developement: mix of tower defense/ platformer, made in Unity 3D and animated in Spine. Still in progress !

Playable link: HERE

Move with arrows left/right keys, jump with key 0, shoot with key 1, switch with key 2

Illustration/Animation PixelArt- Personal project in Unity3D

The King’s Return, a 2D pixel Art plaftormer made with Unity 3D. I followed a Udemy platformer tutorial and adapted it to get parallax scrollings and other light effects: thank you James Doyle !

Playable link: HERE

Move with arrows left/right keys, jump with space, shoot with ctrl

Passe World – Dowino

Nice projects for young students dealing with international mobility: caricatural characters and crazy dialogs in this not so serious game…

Various Spine/UnityMeshBased animations – Various projects

Here are some animation examples, either done with Spine or with Unity 3d’s animation module. Each of them are ready to integrate. I put them as animated gifs, please click/tap on them to get the right animation speed !

Character Design – Personal projects

Character designs for various Art challenges, most of time for fun.

Colgate Magik – Kolibree

Serious Game using a very innovative technology to teach children to brush their teeth properly. Magik is big project ( still working on it), the goal is to track and eradicate the Bacteria monsters all around the various islands of the Magik’s world. Now in collaboration with Colgate, Magik was presented for the Las Vegas CES in 2018 and 2019: i had although the opportunity to work on those event’s stands.

Casino Games – Fishing Cactus,

Casino games with various themes (and styles) !

Illustrations/Storyboard- Pitches & VideoTelling

Storyboards and illustrations for educative or informative videos.

Space Run Galaxy avatars – PassTech Games

Top Memo – HellionCat Studio

Cerebral training program in several mini-games ! Art director and illustrator on this project.

Motivate TV – Motivate Me

Serious Game for corporate executives ! Backgrounds and Characters are created in Illustrator, UI design from Nicolas Sommacal.

Sketches – Various projects

Some black & white drawings: i love sketching !

Anja – Personal project

Unity 3D project, animated with Anima 2D with physics, i collaborated with Julien Philippe ( Unity/Flash developer ).

Several Games UI ‘s ( Koh Lanta – Le choc des héros 3DS/ Cultissimo/ VooQuiz/ Learn2Fly and others…)  – Fishing Cactus/ Team 8 Studio/ BlackSheep Studios & Personal Projects


Koh Lanta – Le choc des héros 3DS


Mixed projects