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My name is Thomas, and I’m 2D Artist with over 15 years of experience. As a graduate in Computer Graphics from the Emile Cohl Art School in Lyon, my team was the recipient of the 2001 Milia in Cannes for La Galaxie Bodof – an award which recognizes website innovation.

Since graduation, my professional history as a Graphic Designer includes working on multimedia projects with CG Conseil through 2003, designing mobile Flash games with Mobitween until 2009, and my current work as a Freelance Designer specialized in video games.

Alongside two developper colleagues, I’ve independently published two games: Fluffy Golf and Pulpo Party – created respectively using Unity3D (see my tutorial in French here) and AdobeAir. My diverse freelance projects have a allowed me to become very skilled at using a variety of special design software and have expanded my involvement in the video game design process to include concept art, animation, illustration and user interface development. As a design intermediary for my clients, I have had the pleasure to collaborate with respectable industry players, such as Nintendo, Disney, belgian Social Security , Aéroports de Paris, Carrefour, Nickelodeon, Child Focus, Proximus and RTBF, on specialized projects ranging from serious gaming to interactive education, arcade-style pin-ball, and the classic mechanics of video games.

My Freelance career has been in partnership with the Belgian video game Studio Fishing Cactus for several years, and a lot of others like Dowino, Pitches or Kolibree.

Enjoy your visit of my site and please, don’t hesitate to get in touch via my Contact page!